Free online fly tying course for beginners

Barry Ord Clarke is currently offering a free fly tying course for beginners at his site The Feather Bender.

A very experienced tier, Barry writes:

“In order to help those of all ages that are new to fly tying, I would like to start a free on line tutorial and Q & A column, that will cover all the basic’s, and guide the beginner from the correct way to secure a hook in the vice to the finished fishing fly and many more useful techniques in between.”

The first six parts are already online: Introduction, Fly tying course #1: Getting started, Fly tying course #2: Thread and Whip finish, Fly tying course #3: It’s a material world, Fly tying course #4: A simple nymph, and Fly tying course #5: Dry fly adult caddis.

If you sign up for the course on the site, you’ll be notified by email when new updates are added.

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