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A 2-hour fishing outing turns into a Pennsylvania trout grand slam

brook trout letortLetort Spring Run is a limestone stream in Central Pennsylvania famous among fly anglers. The creek, which meanders through South Central Pennsylvania, is renowned as one of the finest trout streams in the United States. Known for its extremely selective wild trout, the Letort has long been a proving ground where fly fishing techniques are developed and tested. As I found earlier this year, the stream also holds opportunities for spin fishing.

Last Spring, I decided to fish the small stretch of the stream that winds through Letort Park in Carlisle, Pennsylvania (map) while passing through the area. Although much of the stream is designated catch-and-release fly fishing only, the portion that runs through the park is open to spin fishing. Possessing only an ultralight rod and reel, a spool of 2 lb test Maxima fluorocarbon leader, a pack of size twelve gold salmon egg hooks, a few micro split shot and 2 dozen red worms purchased nearby I went to work. Continue reading