A letter to the PA Fish & Boat Commission

To whom it may concern,

I was recently reviewing the “Biggest Fish Caught in Pennsylvania” (2012) page on your website. Among the list of largest catches reported last year, I noticed something quite curious.


Angler: Zachory Boozel     Water: Lake Arthur

This got me wondering which route a marine striped bass would take from the ocean to Lake Arthur, since as I figure it the two are separated by at least 300 miles and countless impassable dams. That’s quite a journey!

I look forward to your explanation.

Thanks for your attention in this matter, tight lines, etc.


  1. Fish and Boat Commission

    The fish was incorrectly listed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we’re making the change to the website listing.

    • admin

      I appreciate you taking the time to come here and reply. That’s more than I expected. Thanks.

  2. Zachory Boozel

    Hello, I can better explain this. In Pennsylvania fresh waters the fish and game created a hybrid of your salt water friend, the striped bass. It is released in the juvenile stage and is unable to reproduce. They have been their for years and very fun to catch!

    • Angler

      Hey there. I know about the landlocked striper. My issue was that the PFBC listed the biggest marine caught striper of the year as fish was caught well away from the ocean.