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Fishing with trout worms and other lures

I’ve received a few good comments and questions on my Trout Worms Catch Fish post. Although I replied there, I thought it would be a good idea to expand into a full post to increase visibility. I

Doing well on Western PA’s Delayed Harvest waters

I recently had a chance to fish some special regulation waters in Western Pennsylvania with a bit of success. While most of the “approved trout waters” in the state are closed in March and the first part

Can you use trout worms in Pennsylvania’s DHALO areas?

Over the last two weeks I’ve spent a few days fishing for trout in Western Pennsylvania. Since state regulations keep many of the area’s best trout streams closed until the opener in mid-April, that means I’ve been

Trout worms catch fish

Trout worms catch fish of all kinds. The small thin soft plastic lures may not look like much. There’s nothing particularly glamorous or even authentic about them. But they absolutely work on a wide variety of freshwater

Tailwater management and trout reproduction

Last month, The Fisheries Blog ran a very interesting piece on flow management and trout populations. The author discuses the impact increased flow has had on population in a section of the Colorado River: “A thriving tailwater

How to use Trout Magnets, trout worms and micro jigs

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are interested in finding out how to effectively fish micro jigs (especially Trout Magnets). If presented correctly, these increasingly popular lures can work very well for trout, steelhead, crappie and

Dad’s first trophy trout

Although he was the one who first taught me to fish many years ago, I am sure my father would have no problem agreeing that my skills have developed quite a bit since then. It's funny though

A 2-hour fishing outing turns into a Pennsylvania trout grand slam

Letort Spring Run is a limestone stream in Central Pennsylvania famous among fly anglers. The creek, which meanders through South Central Pennsylvania, is renowned as one of the finest trout streams in the United States. Known for