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Tokyo’s Ichigaya Fish Center

In the middle of the vast metropolis of Tokyo, nestled alongside the Kanda River, sits Ichigaya Fish Center, a place where urban anglers and freshwater fishkeepers alike mingle on a daily basis.  Visible from the city’s well-traveled

Shop Review: Tackle Island Cizzi in Tokyo, Japan

Tackle Island Cizzi in the Kichijoji area of Tokyo offers quite a lot in a small package. The shop, which is easily accessible by public transportation, is stocked full with a wide variety of lures, gear and

Pattaya Fishing Park: Small Pond, Big Fish

Not far from the famous Pattaya Beach in Thailand sits a small human-made pond loaded with monster catfish. This pond, open to the public, is known as the Pattaya Fishing Park. At 6400 square meters (around an

Gimpo Fishing Park in South Korea

Gimpo Fishing Park (or, literally translated, “Gimpo Fishing Place”) is a medium sized fee fishing area west of Seoul in South Korea. The park, situated in a rural area in the general vicinity of Gimpo International Airport,

Unforgettable fishing in Iceland

Iceland is a relatively young country, geologically speaking. Rising out of the ashes it remains a sparsely inhabited island full of natural beauty, even though it is only a short flight from Europe and the eastern United

Shop Review: Matsuo Fishing Shop in Hita, Japan

On the banks of the Mikuma River in the Japanese city of Hita sits Matsuo Fishing Shop, a family owned store that is very well stocked with a vast selection of tackle and other fishing-related items. The