New York Fishing Archive

“Fishing worms are for women and children”

A woman had a much needed day off of work and decided to take some of her younger relatives fishing. So she packed up the one small fishing rod she owned along with some hooks and stopped

Fishing access: A story of people, property and profits

The question of public access to waterways, especially for recreational use like fishing, continues to attract attention. As the struggle for stream access rights in Utah continues, articles and blog posts wrangling over who should control the

Potential world record coho salmon caught and released in New York

On September 19, angler Tom Olivio of Montana caught and released what he claims could have been a world record coho (silver) salmon on the Salmon River in upstate New York. The Salmon River is home to

Fishing in New York City’s Central Park

Many people are surprised to learn that you can go fishing in New York City’s Central Park. The truth is not only can you wet a line, you can actually hook into some decent fish. The rules