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Tokyo’s Ichigaya Fish Center

In the middle of the vast metropolis of Tokyo, nestled alongside the Kanda River, sits Ichigaya Fish Center, a place where urban anglers and freshwater fishkeepers alike mingle on a daily basis.  Visible from the city’s well-traveled

Shop Review: Tackle Island Cizzi in Tokyo, Japan

Tackle Island Cizzi in the Kichijoji area of Tokyo offers quite a lot in a small package. The shop, which is easily accessible by public transportation, is stocked full with a wide variety of lures, gear and

Shop Review: Matsuo Fishing Shop in Hita, Japan

On the banks of the Mikuma River in the Japanese city of Hita sits Matsuo Fishing Shop, a family owned store that is very well stocked with a vast selection of tackle and other fishing-related items. The