How and when to use a pole float for catfish

There are many species of catfish. There are also many ways to catch the various species of catfish commonly pursued by anglers. The pole float is one of the things used by people targeting catfish in parts

The easiest way to catch carp

The common carp is one of the most common fish species around. It has spread around the world and can now be found in lakes, ponds, rivers and streams all over. Common carp grow to very large

The best baits for carp

The common carp has been described as both the finest gamefish in freshwater and a trash fish. While the merits of anyone who calls a fish that commonly grows to more than twenty pounds and fights with

Fish soft plastics for early season smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass are some of the scrappiest fighters in freshwater. Anyone who has hooked a smallmouth knows what fun it can be. Smallmouth feed year round though in early season they can be a little slower due

Classic flies that continue to catch trout

Fly fishing has been around for nearly two thousand years in one form or another. The earliest versions of flies are no longer in use but there are some patterns dating back a century that still feature

How to fish flies with a spinning rod

Fly fishing works well in a variety of situations. The main reason for that is that a lot of fish eat a lot of small aquatic insects. These insects are small and light. They can be impossible

A list of great lures for trout

Lures are often a good choice for trout. Whether fishing in a lake, stream or river, lures can be used to cover a lot of water and catch a lot of fish. It is not much different

How to catch trout on Powerbait

Catching stocked trout isn’t the most difficult task on the planet. In some cases it can seem to easy. There are times when even stocked trout can get tight lipped however. One of the most effective baits

Alternatives to live bait

As I explained in a recent post on the best live bait for trout, live bait is the most effective approach to catching fish in the majority of situations. Still, anglers aren’t always able to find or

The best live bait for trout

Live bait fishing is one of the most effective ways to catch trout, just as is the case with most other species of fish. There are many types of live bait available and trout will eat most