The five best fishing rigs

Fishing can be as simple as tying a hook to a line, putting a worm on a hook, and throwing it out into the water. If you want to get serious about fishing however, things can quickly

How and when to fish with a hair rig

The hair rig has been one of the most common rigs used for carp and catfish in Europe since it was first invented some years ago. It isn’t commonly used in other parts of the world like

How and when to use a slinky drift rig

The slinky drift rig is one of the two most common rigs used for drifting bait in moving water. The other is the floating drift rig. The slinky drift rig is most used for salmon and steelhead

How and when to use a floating drift rig

The floating drift rig one of the most common drift rigs used to catch fish in moving water. The other is the slinky drift rig. These rigs are often employed to catch salmon and steelhead but they

How and when to use a freeline for fishing

One of the most simplistic and least used fishing rigs can also be one of the most effective. The free line rig isn’t much of a rig at all yet it can work incredibly well. The free

How and when to use a sliding sinker

The slip sinker rig, also known as “the Carolina rig”, is one of the most common and useful of all fishing rigs. It is very versatile and can be scaled up and down depending on the situation.

The Five Best Fishing Christmas Gifts

It’s the time of the year when millions begin the frenzied and often fruitless quest to find the perfect gift for the special people in their lives. If those people are interested in fishing there is an

A letter to the PA Fish & Boat Commission

To whom it may concern, I was recently reviewing the “Biggest Fish Caught in Pennsylvania” (2012) page on your website. Among the list of largest catches reported last year, I noticed something quite curious. BASS, STRIPED—MARINE Angler:

“Fishing worms are for women and children”

A woman had a much needed day off of work and decided to take some of her younger relatives fishing. So she packed up the one small fishing rod she owned along with some hooks and stopped

Coal Mining, Fracking, and Consol’s Duke Lake Deal

Ryerson Station State Park is located in Greene County, Pennsylvania. It used to contain Duke Lake, a 62-acre body of water that was home to numerous fish and other wildlife. Constructed in 1960, Ryerson Station Dam was